DC4C Donates 900 Surgical Masks to Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians

Rockville, Maryland, April 27, 2020 Non-profit cancer research foundation Delivering Cures for Cancer (DC4C, https://deliveringcures4cancer.org/) donated 900 masks to the front-line medical workers treating COVID-19 patients at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. 

“Your gift of masks is so fantastic! Thank you so much. The box is going to the people who supply our front lines. I can guarantee that they will be very well utilized,” Harvard Medical Faculty Physician Suzanne Olbricht, M.D. wrote in a thank you letter to DC4C CEO Janine Shore. 

Shore said DC4C is all about helping the communityespecially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

DC4C is working to bring hope not only to those fighting against the COVID-19 crisis but the hundreds of thousands of individuals who face cancer each year. 

Coined by Dr. Michio Kaku as the “Holy Grail of Cancer Research,” DC4C is developing a potential cure for cancer unlike any treatment seen before. Imagine a genuinely effective treatment for cancer that eliminated the toxic side effects of traditional chemotherapy and focused directly on destroying cancer cells in a person’s body. It would be amazing, wouldn’t it? 

With DC4C’s research and technology, there is hope for this treatment by the year 2022. 

DC4C is on a mission to promote this brand-new and wholly innovative cancer treatment. The cancer-killing nano-medicine targets cancer cells and leaves the rest of the body’s cells alone using a tumor-specific delivery system. Acting like a smart bomb, the nanomedicine places a bull’s eye solely on cancer cells without damaging normal healthy tissue and organs, unlike chemotherapy. 

By targeting cancer cells specifically, the treatment not only eliminates the side effects of hair loss, violent vomiting, loss of appetite, and depletion of the immune system commonly associated with traditional chemotherapy, but also delivers medicine, tumor-suppressing genes, and other agents directly to tumors. 

This creates one of the most promising treatments ever developed for the disease. 

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DC4C’s goal is to serve as a patient advocate to greatly improve the standard of care for every person suffering from cancer, regardless of socioeconomic or cultural background. Thankfully, the delivery system, in and of itself, is based on one of the most cost-effective approaches to cancer treatment because it reduces the number of drugs needed and eliminates the need for the costly drugs typically used to treat side effects. 

This will make it more accessible to those who need it and offer a better quality of life after treatment. 

There is hope for individuals battling cancer. DC4C is determined to walk arm in arm with those who are courageously fighting that battle and spread the message that there is a better way to treat cancer and that the technology is available now.

DC4C needs to raise $5 million to reach this goal. To donate to help DC4C in their fight to cure cancer, visit https://deliveringcures4cancer.org/donate/ 

For more information, visit https://deliveringcures4cancer.org/

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DC4C’s Mission

We promote breakthroughs and advocate for patients to receive effective and safer cancer treatments. We assist in radically effective innovations that are artificially stalled in the research pipeline because of legacy procurement and funding operations.

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Daniel Romero

DC4C Fundraising Coordinator