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At DC4C, our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our entire community, including our donors, supporters, and partners.

We are truly living in unusual times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone, from our families to our businesses, to our first responders who are bravely on the front lines. As the situation continues to affect our world, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re supporting our team, employees, our community, and you—our valued supporters and partners. Stay safe, and together we will all get through this. To learn more about the efforts of DC4C visit our website at


Supporting Our Partners, Vendors, and Staff

We must take care of our people—including our team and our associates, and the communities where they work. We’ve taken action to minimize the need for people to come into our offices across the country, based on local conditions. We are strongly committed to Delivering Cures 4 Cancer. 

Be assured we are working as diligently as ever to fulfill our mission, and we’re accomplishing it by working remotely, video conferencing from home, and practicing social distancing. The PanCa metastatic pancreatic cancer Clinical trials are running smoothly in Dallas, TX. We are extending an invitation to Mr. Jeopardy’s – Alex Trebek to explore this study and receive this unprecedented treatment with compassionate use during this medical crisis. **Additional information about the PanCa Clinical Trial can be found below and on our website

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Helping Our Community At-Large

We at DC4C are focused on delivering solutions to help support the community at large. This effort includes disseminating articles and information to the public with the latest innovations regarding vaccines and treatments globally, in addition to the U.S. governments reported developments regarding COVID-19 education, prevention, and resources to slow the spread of the disease and end the pandemic.

Times like this are a reminder of how we all should band together and overcome adversity, with perspective and gratitude. Above all else, our thoughts are with those affected by all diseases, particularly those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery, and we remain inspired by our healthcare workers and researchers who are caring for people around the world. To learn more about the efforts of DC4C visit our website at


Nanomedicine used to cure Pancreatic Cancer

PanCa Trial

The two most important aspects of cancer treatment are its efficacy and side effects. A new treatment that involves introducing P53 a cancer-suppressing gene into cancer cells has found to significantly improve the effectiveness of multiple current therapies while dramatically reducing side effects.

In clinical trials on patients with advanced pancreatic cancer performed in Texas and Taiwan, this therapy produced results far superior to those achieved with the most commonly prescribed treatments alone. When Dr. Esther Chang’s gene treatment (p53 gene) was added to the cancer drugs Abraxane and Gemcitabine, the survival time was at least several months longer, the number of patients responding to treatment was more than doubled, and the disease was controlled more than twice as well. Furthermore, serious side effects occurred in only 5% of patients compared to 38% of patients without the gene treatment!  These are extraordinary improvements!

  • SGT-53 is being evaluated in phase II clinical trials in combination with standard-of-care chemotherapy [Abraxane (ABX) + Gemcitabine(GEM)] in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer ( Identifier: NCT02340117 ).
  • Patients are being enrolled both at Mary Crowley Research Institute in Dallas, TX, and at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Patient enrollment has recently passed the planned midpoint (17 evaluable patients), and preliminary data analysis looks quite promising when compared to historical data. Notably,
    • Median overall survival time was at least two months longer on SGT-53+ABX+GEM compared to that seen with ABX+GEM.
    • Patient response rate (complete + partial responses) on SGT-53+ABX+GEM was 47% compared to only 23% seen with ABX+GEM. Adding SGT-53, the patient response rate is 2 times better.
    • Rate of disease control (confirmed response or stable disease for >16 weeks) was 86% on SGT-53+ABX+GEM compared to only 38% seen with ABX+GEM. Adding SGT-53, the rate of disease control is more than 2 times better.
  • SGT-53+ABX+GEM was also better tolerated with adverse events (Grade 3+ AE’s) were 5% on SGT-53+ABX+GEM compared to 38% seen with ABX+GEM. This is great for the patients, adding SGT-53, the higher grade adverse events are greatly decreased.

Traditional cancer therapy has a myriad of unseen impacts such as the depletion of white blood cells, compromised immune system, infections, internal bleeding, damaged bones, and in many cases, congestive heart failure. This revolutionary approach, developed by world-renowned

Nanotechnologist and Oncologist, Dr. Esther Chang, and is unlike any other treatment currently available because it places a bull’s eye specifically on cancer cells, greatly enhancing efficacy without damaging normal, healthy tissues and organs creating one of the most promising

treatments ever developed. Imagine a smart bomb zeroing in and destroying cancer cells, all the while eliminating the toxic side effects associated with traditional cancer medicine.

It is the mission of Delivering Cures 4 Cancer to promote and fund this and other promising cancer treatments. Our goal is to one day, very soon, eradicate this terrible disease. To learn more or to donate, please visit Help us cure cancer once and for all.