Podcast – The “OneTest” for Early Detection of Multiple Cancers – Artificial Intelligence and Cancer Bio Markers

We are pleased to share with you the first podcast interview of our CEO Jonathan Cohen conducted and released this week by Forbes Books Radio and available on iTunes, SoundCloud and other audio libraries.


The podcast can be listened to directly by clicking the links below…

It is also available on ForbesBooks.comiTunes, and SoundCloud.  Just search ForbesBooks and look for the podcast titled “Jonathan Cohen, CEO at 20/20 GeneSystems.”


The 10 min. interview covered 20/20’s proprietary approach to early cancer detection embodied in PAULA’s Test for lung cancer (https://bloodtestforlungcance r.com/), and our soon-to-be introduced OneTest for multiple cancer screening (http://2020g ene.com/products/one-test/).

Also discussed was our very successful equity crowdfunding campaign running through mid-December(https://app.micro ventures.com/crowdfunding/2020 -genesystems).   



Over 260 individuals have invested in our company over the past 20 days, many opting to pre-order our new OneTest.

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